Empower Your Fitness Business: Unlock the Magic of Partnering with Circolo for Home Exercise.

Create a Magical Home Exercise Program for Your Business

Circolo partners with businesses and nonprofits to create an unprecedented at-home fitness and wellness experience for their clients or communities. Whether you already have a home exercise program but want to boost it, or are looking to start brand new, Circolo is here to be your technology partner and support you in creating the best program for maximum business success.

Why Partner with Circolo?

Unmatched Client Experience

Unmatched Client Experience

  • With Circolos large touch screen, beginning daily exercise has never been easier.
  • The full-length mirror and high-definition display allow your client to match their movements with those of coaches, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your program.
Maximize Your Efficiency

Maximize Your Efficiency

  • Circolo exercise platform comes with comprehensive HD exercise library and advanced tools.
  • Efficiently create any fitness program and personalization.
  • Circolo Virtual Assessment (VA) allows you to monitor your clients progress asynchronously.
  • AI-based Adherence Tracking technology enhances accountability.
Amplify Your Brand With Circolo

Amplify Your Brand with Circolo

  • Extensible Circolo technology platform.
  • Branded product experience.
  • Proprietary content creation.
  • Custom product features for your unique business needs.
Supercharge Your Business

Supercharge Your Business

  • Expand your product and service portfolio and increase revenue.
  • Create more touch points with your clients and ensure long-term business success.

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