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Mike Heine

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Mike Heine

Tunneling through cloud canyons and challenging myself to learn how to fly at 15 was the beginning of my aviation career. By the age of 20 I was a Certified Flight Instructor teaching people from all kinds of backgrounds how to fly. 40 years later, I am still a teacher. A Master Rank 5th Degree Dan teaching Integrated Fighting Systems in the Napa Valley.

My passion for fitness began in the gyms in SoCal during the early 1980’s. Back then we just had Muscle Fitness Magazine and the greats like Arnold and Franco to guide us. Now we have so many resources and training methods at our disposal. At 60 years of age my training methods are now geared to emphasizing eccentric Isometrics ,core, ankle and grip strength and 90 degrees Range of Motion to maximize muscle strength without compromising joint function. My emphasis is to teach you how to train safely. Enjoy the benefits of exercise and fitness while minimizing your risks of injury or getting joint inflammation.

Presently, I am an International Captain flying a Gulfstream 650ER for a Fortune 11 Company. My motto has always been to “Never stop learning “ and to always strive to “ Reach Mastery “ at everything I do. I invite you to watch my videos and begin your journey.

Join me on the Circolo mirror and well start your training and self-defense journey!