Bo Hu



Bo is an engineer and a leader. He has been leading world-class engineering teams at some of the most recognizable technology companies (Facebook, Dropbox, Uber, Lime) for over a decade. Besides software engineering, his most recent leadership role at leading micromobility company Lime exposed him to the world of hardware and supply chain. It gave him an opportunity to tap into his EE background and expand his product thinking when it comes to finding a solution for a user problem. 2020 is a special year for Bo. Covid-19 struck him in a way which compelled him to do something to empower people to live healthier and happier. That's how Circolo got started.

Bo is also a dedicated soccer player. The most memorable moment was in 2018, when he scored a championship goal in the last minute in an annual soccer tournament in the Bay Area. He is currently undertaking the "Gaining 6-pack" challenge under the guidance of Katherine Yip, astounding athlete and co-founder.

Cheng Yang



Cheng is an explorer and life-time learner. He deliberately chose opportunities that would widen his exposure to different challenges, both technically and organizationally, by working at Plusmo, LinkedIn, Uber, Amazon and Scale AI. He started his career writing a web browser on feature phones (yes, those Nokia bricks) and his most recent role is leading infrastructure and data teams at Scale AI, which powers datasets for some of most complicated AI problems we have today. He experienced firsthand how a 50 person startup, a 1,000 person unicorn and a 500,000 person industrial giant can innovate and fail.

Cheng is an outdoor enthusiast and has skied at more than 30 ski resorts. He believes strength and endurance training are essential for people who want to explore the natural wonders of our blue planet.

Katherine Yip



Katherine is a product leader with global experience and a deep love of product and user experience. Previously she was Product Manager at LinkedIn and Opendoor, and a product consultant for various early stage start-ups in Silicon Valley. Over the course of her career, she has innovated in the areas of search & recommendation, data ingestion & aggregation, monetization strategy, and internal operations & tools.

Katherine also loves the outdoor and is an intense indoor and beach volleyball player. Inspired to help people live healthier and make positive changes in their lifestyle, she is also a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach at Stanford University, where she helps individuals navigate through their journies in health & wellness.

Sherry Luo



Sherry is a leader and a challenger with over 16 years of experience in the online entertainment industry of China. She witnessed and was deeply involved in Tencent's sheer pace of growth from a local company with a hundred people to the top internet company in the world. During her 10 years with Tencent, Sherry created their first overseas game platform and initially output the game service outside China but she also licensed some top overseas games into China like League of Legends and Plants Vs. Zombies. In the later 6 years in IDreamsky, she expanded the game business to the pan-entertainment field. As the management with the producer role, she led the team to create an interactive story platform from scratch, and highly sensitive with the cutting-edge fashion trend and social medium broadcasting of China young community.

Sherry is also an energetic person with wide interests. She is a fitness and travelling enthusiast, having been to over 30 countries and Burning Man (a shocking but memorable experience). She loves wine and is also a WSET certified wine taster. Right now, pursuing a fresh and healthy life style is her mission.