The only smart fitness device that empowers you, instead of replacing you.

Supercharge Gyms & Coaches

Upgrade Your Remote Coaching Experience

Spend More Time On Coaching Your Clients At Scale

And Less Time On Admin

Connect & Engage in Real Time

Circolo enhances your live training sessions with your clients. Our embedded camera and reflective mirror allows you to see your client's full body, and allow them see their form so they can make correction in real-time.

Effortlessly Track & Measure Client Progress

Get detailed metrics on compliance and movement quality for every client program you create, so you can make quality decisions about your client's next progression, and use your coaching skills to move them forward.

Self-Branded Video Exercise Demos

You have the flexibility to curate workouts on YouTube, upload your own videos, or use our library of over 500+ pre-loaded strength and conditioning exercise videos.

Powerful Tech, Simplified Experience

Your clients can easily join any live sessions or start any pre-planned workout with just one tap. No more admin work to manage Zoom links or technical difficulties!

Self Branded Exercise Videos

Store all of your coaching videos privately within Circolo, or link directly to videos hosted on YouTube to create your own video library.

Data Driven Coaching

We make it easy to track exercise history and metrics, so both you and your clients can log results and visualize progress towards specific goals over time.


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