Circolo Mirror

Circolo Mirror for Parkinson’s

An immersive and delightful portal to access the best Parkinson’s fitness programs and resources from your living room.

Join Live Parkinson’s Classes Every Day

We partner with leading Parkinson’s organizations and professionals from your community and nationwide to bring live-streamed classes to you every day.

Explore diverse classes to meet Parkinson’s fitness needs on strength, balance, aerobics, mobility, flexibility, and cognition.

Boxing for PD with Freddy
Rock Steady Boxing
Pillow Exercises for Strength and Balance
Power for Parkinson’s
High-Intensity Exercise Class
For illustration purposes only. Schedule is subject to change.

Enjoy an Immersive Class Experience in Your Living Room

  • One tap to join your favorite class every day
  • See your instructors, your community, and yourself on a big screen
  • Wide-angle HD camera allowing instructors to see and correct your form
  • Explore a Vast Repository of Exercises and Experiences
    • Stream any of your favorite YouTube videos and follow along
    • Strength, Yoga, Stretch, HIIT, Tai Chi, Dancing, and much more


(On the Circolo) “There is a lot more that I did not know about. It’s like suddenly this [video] comes up and it’s another Parkinson’s exercise class, I’ve never heard of it! So it’s really opened up this world of exercise for me. I can be doing more hours [of exercise] a day so I’m really happy with it.”