circolo mirror

The Most Versatile smart fitness mirror

With Circolo Mirror, we provide a technology and content platform to empower fitness professionals, businesses, and non-profits to create a best-in-class experience to help everyone live an active lifestyle

Circolo Technology and Content Platform

Premium Hardware

  • The largest 69" x 23" smart fitness mirror
  • 32" HD display
  • 2 HD cameras for motion detection and high-quality video conferencing
  • Multi-point capacitive touch screen
  • High fidelity speakers with bass features
  • Micphone array with DSP-based echo cancellation

Stay Connected with Zoom

  • Join live Zoom meetings
  • Enjoy immersive video calls

Explore YouTube

  • Watch any YouTube video or YouTube livestream
  • Custom controls for a better viewing experience: playback speed, mirroring, looping, and more

Proprietary Circolo Software

Use the Circolo mobile app to customize your Circolo mirror experience.

Custom Content

We work with your business or organization to create content and provide a customized experience to help you better service your users.

Circolo Stories

Elaine A.

"The Circolo has completely transformed my dance training experience. I feel like I'm right in front of the teacher seeing every intricate detail taught while also seeing my whole body follow through on the choreography."


"I love using the Circolo for my Zoom workouts and personal training sessions. I just tap the screen and I'm logged in. It's also so convenient to fit in a quick yoga or HIIT workout into my busy schedule from the many workouts that are updated daily!"


"The Circolo has become my best friend for exercise! I used to join Zoom classes on my laptop but switched to the Circolo because of its big screen and ease of use. It feels like a real class now and I can attend from my garage without bothering others in the house. Love it!"


"(On the Circolo) "There is a lot more that I did not know about. It's like suddenly this [video] comes up and it's another Parkinson's exercise class, I've never heard of it! So it's really opened up this world of exercise for me. I can be doing more hours [of exercise] a day so I'm really happy with it."


"I work out almost daily now that Circolo has made it easier to start my favorite workouts with just a tap. Seeing myself in the mirror along with the workout videos gives me accountability. I used to use two devices to zoom with friends during a workout class but now I can see them and watch the same class all in one!"