What is Circolo

We are a team of technologists and fitness enthusiasts who aspire to deliver products and services to empower everyone to live a healthy and happy life. Our first product, Circolo Mirror, is a vertically integrated exercise platform taking the user experience of discovering, learning and doing exercises at home to the next level. We also partner with fitness and wellness professionals, businesses and nonprofits to deliver a magical user experience and grow their business.

Or use this - Empowering Wellness for All: Fulfilling Our Mission for a Healthy, Happy Life.

Our Mission

Empower everyone to live a healthy and happy life

Our Values


Collaboration is the heart of Circolo's vision. We strive to work alongside fitness and wellness professionals and enterprises, rather than replacing them, to provide our users with the most enchanting experience. We value and appreciate the distinctive client relationships that our partners bring to the Circolo platform.


Each of our users is distinct and has unique requirements. We aim to create the best-personalized products and services that cater to their individual needs.


We believe that fitness and wellness should be accessible to all. We are constantly working to enhance the efficiency of our platform and eliminate all barriers, ensuring that anyone can access our services.