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Circolo Community Member, Amy Wall, standing next to the Circolo Mirror Device.

Amy Wall


I never knew how much I needed the Circolo Mirror in my life until I got one.

It has completely revolutionized my fitness journey, and I cannot imagine working out without it now. I love having a customized workout with a real personal trainer who keeps me accountable and provides a unique workout plan tailored just for me.

Moreover, the Circolo Mirror offers on-demand access to a vast library of varied workouts, ensuring that I never get bored with my fitness routine. Theres something for everyone, no matter your fitness level or preference.

What sets the Circolo Mirror apart is its ability to integrate music into the workouts, creating a seamless and truly immersive workout experience. And if thats not enough, the Circolo Mirror allows you to connect through Zoom for live classes, further elevating the interactive element and bringing the gym right to my living room.

Not only that, but the Circolo Mirror provides all of these benefits at less than half the cost of a personal trainer without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. The convenience factor alone is worth every penny.

Lastly, the versatility of the Circolo Mirror is simply unmatched. Aside from its primary fitness functions, I find great joy in being able to play YouTube videos of my choice right on it, adding an additional layer of entertainment to my daily routine.

If youre at all serious about your fitness and well-being, do yourself a favor and invest in a Circolo Mirror. You wont be disappointed!

Circolo Community Member, Eddie, standing next to the Circolo Mirror Device.



The Circolo Fitness mirror has truly changed my daily fitness habits in a very positive way. I have been using it consistently since January and I feel physically better and stronger! Laisha Ames of Forever Young Personal Training is phenomenal and provides a variety of exercise routines that meet all of my fitness needs. With my crazy schedule, I can count on Circolo to get my workouts in quickly and effectively!

Circolo Customer completing an at-home workout on the Circolo Mirror.

Cyn K.


Circolo Mirror got me through the pandemic, and now that COVID is officially endemic, it continues to have a permanent impact on my life.

It offers community with old friends, sparked new friendships across the country so that we can share about natural disasters, baby births and healing from loss of elderly parents, all while staying in shape. We especially share puppy dog happiness when they beg for attention in the middle of stretches.

When my instructors began to travel abroad to teach yoga, I panicked with the routine change…but with Circolo I was able to enjoy the recordings on my own schedule. I yoga three times a week with my best friend, work out with my neighbors three times a week as our community pool is under construction, and I dance w Danceation or squeeze in half hour weight workouts twice a week.

The mirror allows me to keep my dance lines in tune with the instructor, similar to the beauty of a troupe moving in synchrony. The newest feature that totally enhances my Circolo experience is yoga with the relaxing music that drones me into a meditative state.

I will never go back to the gym where I could bring home germs to my 98 yo mother, so minimum exposure is still an important priority. Thank you for this independence, community and movement, and Blue Zone longevity!


Naury Birnbaum


I have been using my Circolo Mirror over the past month with my trainer, Laisha Ames of Forever Young Personal Training, and find that the Mirror is a fantastic enhancement to our workout sessions. I have been training with Laisha for over ten years in a variety of settings both in person and via Zoom/Facetime in my home.

The Circolo provides the convenience of conducting my training in the home but also with the immediacy and feedback normally provided by in person training. The Circolo’s projection of a large image of my trainer superimposed on my own reflection allows me to see both my trainer’s guidance and simultaneously watch myself in closely executing her instructions. This is something new, not provided by in-person or the usual Zoom/Facetime capabilities.

Besides our regular hourly sessions two times per week, Laisha has recorded workout routines specific to me allowing me to play these back on the Circolo at my convenience. Laisha has also created an extensive library of general workout routines that I can access at any time to work on any areas that I want. All this content provided by Laisha delivers a tremendous amount of added value on top of the Circolo’s fundamental capabilities.

My wife works out with a different trainer via Zoom and will be using Circolo to enhance her workout routine as well. So, the Circolo is not constrained to a single point of contact or trainer.

The bottom line is that workouts have become not only more effective and efficient but really are a lot more fun. I can heartily recommend Circolo to anyone that is engaged in home workouts and wants to take it to the next level of efficacy and enjoyment.


Carolyn Brandes


WOW! Just did the new cardio workout on my Circolo Mirror and it was perfect!!! Got my heart beating but not dangerous for a senior. You are the best and you keep me safe! I LOVE these workouts. Thank you Laisha!!!

Circolo Customer posing next to the Circolo Mirror.

Elaine A.


The Circolo has completely transformed my dance training experience. I feel like Im right in front of the teacher seeing every intricate detail taught while also seeing my whole body follow through on the choreography.

Circolo customer completeing a workout on the Circolo Mirror.

Chris K.


I work out almost daily now that Circolo has made it easier to start my favorite workouts with just a tap.Seeing myself in the mirror along with the workout videos gives me accountability. I used to use two devices to zoom with friends during a workout class but now I can see them and watch the same class all in one!

Circolo Mirror customer taking a selfie after virtual fitness class.



The Circolo has become my best friend for exercise! I used to join Zoom classes on my laptop but switched to the Circolo because of its big screen and ease of use. It feels like a real class now and I can attend from my garage without bothering others in the house. Love it!

Circolo customer doing a dumbell bicep curl in front of her Circolo Mirror virtual fitness class.



(On the Circolo) “There is a lot more that I did not know about. It’s like suddenly this [video] comes up and it’s another Parkinson’s exercise class, I’ve never heard of it! So it’s really opened up this world of exercise for me. I can be doing more hours [of exercise] a day so I’m really happy with it.”

Circolo Customer completing a mini band workout with the Circolo Mirror.



I love using the Circolo for my Zoom workouts and personal training sessions. I just tap the screen and Im logged in. It’s also so convenient to fit in a quick yoga or HIIT workout into my busy schedule from the manyworkouts that are updated daily!

Circolo Customer completing a Circolo workout with dumbbells on the Circolo Mirror

Diana J.


I have danced every day since the pandemic initially closed my gym March 15, 2020. Right away, Heath Hunter came to me online via my laptop. A couple of years later, when Heath’s Danceation introduced the Circolo mirror, I was thrilled to begin this new adventure. I felt spoiled, actually, by having this interactive mirror in my home, so I could participate live without the drive. Behind the scenes, every step of the way, Circolo backed its mirror with a high level of caring customer service that still amazes me. Thank you, Circolo and Danceation!


Don S.


I was in a rear end accident and did nothing afterwards for 3 weeks. I gave up on going to the chiropractor and just started very slowly with Vals leg exercises. Its been 7 weeks that I have not been in the fitness center, and this was a dreaded task to get my steps back, but my wife drove me over and in I went. Turned on the treadmill and just started walking, WOW was I shocked. If I had Vals address and his favorite wine, he would not be disappointed. Thank you Circolo, the program and staff–you have no idea how this has helped me.


May M.


I started taking Zoom classes during the pandemic. Then in 2022, our instructor, Heath, introduced the Circolo mirror to his students. I was not sure at the beginning, but now I really love it. It is super easy to use. I take interactive classes via Circolo and the instructors can see students and students can see each other, and we all have fun working out together. There is no need to use a laptop, HDMI cables or TV while taking Zoom classes. Now, I only use Circolo and can quickly access the class and click or drag to adjust the size of displays. In addition to taking live interactive classes, Bo added my favorite Zumba and yoga classes from YouTube to my mirror and daily suggestions of classes. Bo is fast to support if you have any questions on usage. In a nutshell: Circolo Mirror is easy to use, saves driving time and makes exercise fun in my own home, and it keeps me healthy with regular exercise. I highly recommend it.