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Creating Success with Tiger Medical Institute

Circolo helped Tiger Medical Institute enhance their current digital personal training and provide an all-around wellness platform.

Zoe Rocke | 2023/06/16

Creating Success with Tiger Medical Institute

Circolo strives to be a platform for total mind, body, and wellness. Whether you’re looking for exercise or wellness transformation, we have the partner for you! Tiger Medical Institute is just that. Tiger Medical is a preventative medicine company. They help driven professionals to recover and optimize their health by guiding them through a comprehensive medical transformation. In November 2022, Circolo discovered Collin Adams, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach for Tiger Medical. Circolo works with Collin to enhance the current digital personal training and provide an all-around wellness platform. We sat down with Collin to reflect on how Circolo had impacted Tiger Mi:

Circolo and Tiger Medical have a common value of creating simple and accessible tools for individuals and families to pursue their health and wellness goals. This value was evident in the very first meeting with Circolo. Tiger Medical had been looking for an in-home exercise solution for our clients for a number of months without success. The timing of our introduction to Circolo along with the professionalism, efficiency, and care of their staff was the perfect match for better-providing value to our clients.

Our clients have loved the simplicity of the content we've been able to place on the mirror. We work with a lot of busy professionals who don't have 30-90 minutes to go to the gym and complete a workout. So, by being able to mix and match different exercises we've shot with the Circolo team, we can put together individualized programs for each client to fit their needs physically but also match the needs they have on timing.

Our experience with Circolo has been excellent. An early concern prior to getting started was how we could best serve our clients who live across the United States. Circolo's shipping process is fast and effective. On top of that, a member of their team reaches out directly to our clients to help them set up the device in their homes and answer any and all of their questions. This unique aspect has been a massive load off of our staff's shoulders having a rep that we can quickly communicate with and who also does all of the heavy lifting with our clients. As part of our partnership, we do regular filming sessions to load our Tiger Medical content onto the mirror. Each filming session is done with total professionalism and we know exactly what to have prepared prior to each scheduled shoot. The team at Circolo communicates extremely well and is a great support for us. Circolo filled a direct need we had in providing an in-home exercise solution for our clients. This has significantly enhanced the value we provide to each person who comes into our program.

Adams, Collin. Personal interview.