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Taking HER Business to the NEXT LEVEL

Meet Circolo Partner, Laisha Ames, and how she enhanced her personal training business!

Madeline Beitz | 2023/04/11

Taking HER Business to the NEXT LEVEL

Circolo started in 2020, to solve a problem and provide customers with a more personal experience. When the problem consisted of personal trainers and gyms reaching a maximum capacity of clients, Circolo's founders created the Circolo Mirror. The plan was to develop a platform where any qualified personal trainer, gym, or health professional could create content and develop their business digitally on the Circolo Mirror. This digital platform is unique because clients are receiving content from professionals they already have a relationship with. A wide range of fitness and wellness professionals are welcome to join the Circolo Platform to provide content for their clients. We value diversity and are making it our goal to provide fitness through the core relationships that you established.

In October of 2022, Laisha Ames, Founder of Forever Young Personal Training, joined Circolo as a partner and launched her digital business at the beginning of 2023. Ames recorded over 300 exercises for her exercise library, recorded multiple workout videos, created various workouts for all ages and fitness levels, and her success through the Circolo mirror began. She now rents the mirror to her clients and sends each of them custom workouts created through the Circolo App. Once created, the video immediately appears on her clients mirror and Circolo App. Clients can now watch their workout videos anytime and from anywhere. Prior to partnering, all of Laisha’s clients resided in Napa Valley, CA. Today, Laisha has been able to expand her clientele to other states, giving her the flexibility to work from any location.

Since partnering with Circolo and launching her digital business in January, Ames’s business has grown by 20%. “Partnering with Circolo has given me the opportunity to market myself and grow my business with new clients from any location without being physically present. I am now able to reach more clients than ever before. One major personal benefit was that partnering cost me zero dollars and increased my monthly profit while allowing me to serve my clients more efficiently. The only investment I’ve made has been my time, and this investment has been well worth it. The Circolo Mirror service is a complement to my highly valuable in-person training business, and I am now sharing my passion for fitness and health with more people.” (Laisa Ames, March 2023)

With partners such as Laisha Ames, Circolo is providing health, wellness, and fitness content through Circolo’s interactive touchscreen mirror to more people than ever before. Circolo’s mission is to work with partners such as Laisha to reach many more such as: senior Wellness, Cancer Survivorship, and Parkinson’s Wellness Communities. To learn more about becoming a partner with Circolo, contact info@circolo.us.